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AMD Posts Initial AMDGPU Hybrid Driver With Vulkan Support

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    Originally posted by mike4 View Post
    hybrid driver? Does that mean AMD to allow Vulkan within OpenGL apps like Nvidia? Would help many devs I guess.

    PS: What about support for multiple GPUs working simultaneously together.
    Nope, hybrid like some parts are open source and some closed source. :-)


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      Originally posted by rosco View Post

      HD7790 is special, right? It doesn't mean that HD7970 is supported by this new driver?
      HD7970 is GCN 1.O
      HD7790 is GCN 1.1


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        Originally posted by Raven3x7 View Post
        Anyone tested these on 16.04?
        Yeah, not going very well.
        Install went mostly fine except building the DKMS module. I installed a 4.2 kernel from mainline ppa and then was able to compile the DKMS module.
        Rebooting, GDM hangs so I had to kill that but I could start Openbox instead.
        glxinfo, vulkaninfo etc look ok from there, didn't see any errors reported. Steam starts fine.
        Most advanced games causes the Xserver to segfault, Shadow of Mordor, Divinity: OS etc.
        Talos Principle works in OpenGL mode, 46.6 FPS @ 4K with no AA. (Fury)
        However Talos Principle hangs if I select Vulkan mode.
        So all in all... pretty broken!


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          Originally posted by mike4 View Post
          hybrid driver? Does that mean AMD to allow Vulkan within OpenGL apps like Nvidia? Would help many devs I guess.
          "hybrid" means that it contains free (kernel driver) as well as non-free components (OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan userspace drivers).

          The idea of vulkan is keeping the driver layer thin and simple and having the shaders compiled by the application into bytecode (spir-v). Now Nvidia brought this extension (VK_NV_glsl_shader) and does high-level shader compilation again in the driver. While this would definitely enable faster ports, I don't think thats what we should wish. It's just not the intention Vulkan has. I'd rather wait a bit more for a game 'done right' than having glsl run on Vulkan.
          Also, it's a vendor-specific extension. People already run the Vulkan demos from Nvidia (like chopper demo, ...) utilising vk_nv_glsl_shader on Intel and AMD hardware and complain about Intel/AMD not being compliant and buggy and not running the demos (!).
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            Originally posted by twriter View Post

            Yes, this driver was tested only on Ubuntu 14.04.4. I'm interested in success stories on other distros and distro versions but I won't be surprised if it doesn't work. Actually, I'm surprised ale2695 was able to install it on 16.04 as modifications are required for 16.04.
            I'm surprised too in fact.
            But glxinfo and vulkaninfo told me this:
            I suppose that the AMDGPU Pro driver is correctly loaded, right? Mesa doesn't support OpenGL 4.5 and Vulkan...
            EDIT: with the Linux 4.4.0-14 update from Ubuntu wily repository DKMS failed to create the module for the kernel
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              Wow, that's such a great milestone... congratulations AMD.

              Originally posted by bridgman View Post
              Yes... three closed-source components running on top of slightly tweaked copies of open source kernel driver, X driver, libdrm and multimedia drivers.
              I hope this is going to change in future, I don't want "slightly tweaked copies": I want to be able to use git master or stable releases.
              ## VGA ##
              AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
              Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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                Installed this on 15.10 with 4.5-rc3 kernel from phoronix with amdgpu enabled for CI.

                Works much better with stock amdgpu then the one they ship (amdgpu pro fails with 4K screen). Speed is same. So it's better to use 4.5 kernel and not use amdgpu-pro kernel modules. Even talos principle worked in vulkan mode on 290x.

                It was good Michael didn't provide headers package, so amd's driver wasn't able to build its own kernel module for 4.5.

                But the thing broken my unity config pretty bad.

                Also, once I've installed these packages, the radeon driver stopped working (when i boot without modprobe.blacklist=radeon), the userspace part wasn't working, So I ended up with llvmpipe. After uninstalling amdgpu-pro the radeon driver started working again.
                Update: BugReport: that happens because /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/amdgpu-pro/ is forced and not compatible with

                libGL error: unable to load driver:
                libGL error: driver pointer missing
                libGL error: failed to load driver: radeonsi

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                  An easy way to crash with this drivers in ubuntu - LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa/ glxinfo


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                    Originally posted by Kemosabe View Post
                    Because there is more than time-killer games out there and not everyone is consumer but producer.
                    so amd fans producers can only produce for linux catalyst?


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                      Originally posted by d2kx View Post
                      Got it running on a R9 390 (GCN 1.1) on Ubuntu 14.04.4 64-bit. Will try CSGO and The Talos Principle in a few minutes. So far only noticed that the display runs with 60 Hz only (I have a 144 Hz display). Catalyst always worked perfectly at 2560x1440 @ 144 Hz, the open source radeonsi-stack always ran at a weird 2568x1440 @ 139 Hz with small glitches.
                      Glad to see someone testing on an R9 390, I bought one of these specifically for Vulkan, bit miffed when I read this release was GCN 1.2 only! Thanks,