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AMD Posts Initial AMDGPU Hybrid Driver With Vulkan Support

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  • Originally posted by Lucretia
    Well, bridgman responded to me on reddit and didn't seem to understand what enabling CIK support meant and indicated that we should be using the DKMS drivers that are in the beta archive, which is odd since I've read in numerous places that using the module from the latest kernel is supposed to work.
    Using an upstream kernel driver with amdgpu userspace drivers will sometimes work for some APIs - at the moment I believe it works for OpenGL but not OpenCL or Vulkan.

    The kernel drivers in the DKMS package are configured with CIK support enabled; if you install them (which is what the install instructions say, and the configuration we validate) then you don't need a special kernel build. If you are going to make your own franken-stack (upstream kernel + amdgpu pro userspace) and ignore what I said on reddit then you would need to enable CIK in your kernel build (assuming you have CIK HW, of course).


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