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"Honeykrisp" Is A New Vulkan Driver For Apple M1 On Linux - Derived From The NVK Driver

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    rust is pointlessly unusable for one key reason: it takes the ability of the user to make critical, rational decisions about everything from memory management to types. in what world should a compiler be encroaching upon the pointer system? i cant think of one.

    not only that, all of my workflows are centered around preprocessor macros. they're actually really, quite incredibly useful. some people who perhaps didn't receive the best education would prefer something like python in order to write their most common bash utilities but mine are always made using the wonderful cpp which always runs my algorithm in constant time. python operates in at least o(7n) time but the worst offender, believe it or not, is lisp which always runs at o(n^3) time since functions always branch out at least 3 times.