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Vulkan 1.3.264 Released With Microsoft Layered Driver Extension

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  • Vulkan 1.3.264 Released With Microsoft Layered Driver Extension

    Phoronix: Vulkan 1.3.264 Released With Microsoft Layered Driver Extension

    Earlier this year I wrote about Microsoft working on their first Vulkan extension and today it finally debuted within the Vulkan 1.3.264 spec update...

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but currently you can't even pick which HW device to use in Qt GUI (version 5 or 6) Vulkan.

    I hate when toolkits write a custom API on top of a standard cross-platform API "to make it better", only to introduce shortcomings and have more stuff to learn for the user.


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      Everyone sucks ass at Microsoft, even favoring their Direct3D crap.


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        A lot of hot air for a simple function that returns a pre-defined struct.

        as it should be expected that native drivers will provide more functionality and higher performance, since layering inherently adds overhead
        This is microsofts argumentation that they try to push down everyone else's throat. What they don't tell you is that, of course, their direct3d crap is *always* considered native. It's in plain text in the document: It only differentiates between "none microsoft" and "direct 3d" - not a hint about the driver being "native".

        Every programmer that has had to work on the windows platform for some time knows that microsoft drivers notoriously provide less functionality than others.


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          What I don't understand is why dx12 would even appear in the driver list?

          Or are we talking about a system where a native Vulkan driver exists and a VulkanOnDX12 implementation.

          In that case the native Vulkan driver should be preferred, certainly.