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Vulkan 1.3.262 Rolls Out With Four New Extensions

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  • Vulkan 1.3.262 Rolls Out With Four New Extensions

    Phoronix: Vulkan 1.3.262 Rolls Out With Four New Extensions

    The Vulkan 1.3.262 revision to this industry standard for high performance graphics and compute is now published. There is the usual assortment of minor changes/fixes plus four new extensions, which all happen to be new vendor extensions from Qualcomm...

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    These extensions are pointless and Qualcomm won't even add them to existing Adreno GPUs


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      Originally posted by edxposed View Post
      These extensions are pointless and Qualcomm won't even add them to existing Adreno GPUs
      All bought and paid for regardless. Qualcomm is one of the top tier erm... contributors to the Khronos Group. What the 8000lb. gorilla wants, he gets.


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        These are slightly interesing, but I think that because of VK_QCOM_ycbcr_degamma​ is slightly interesting, we can guess what these are for and this is marginally hinted to in the spec, it would be video processing in ultra low end devices IOT devices with cameras connected that have support for "Smart Features". this only works with ycbcr texture formats. (which are limited to 8bit so you wouldn't use this on any moderately appropriate hardware anyways), and typically YCbCr content wouldnt use sRGB. afaik the only times you would care to injest ycbcr srgb enough to have fixed functions for it would be digital input devices, IE cameras/HDMI.

        I don't see the big sell of something like this inside of a TV or capture card, so I can only assume this would be used for devices that injest from a camera. Now considering the limitation to 8bit, high fidelity cameras wont be a concern, and I doubt many phone cameras would fall under this but maybe some lower end ones do.

        also considering that converting to linear is only really super beneficial for processing that knocks dumb devices and simple devices like sketchy IOT security cameras and what not, so the only thing I can think of to this end is devices that do "smart things" such as facial recognition or rudimentary tracking. This is more or less supported by the other extensions which are anti-ringing and block comparison in images. basically stuff you would need for both preparing the image for, and doing image analysis


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          VK_QCOM_filter_cubic_clamp - An extension to cubic filtering by adding the ability to enable an anti-ringing clamp. For Qualcomm Adreno hardware at least this should lead to a nice performance/power-savings with the range clamp in the texture unit during cubic filtering rather than a shader-based clamping approach.​
          Very nice improvement. It's something for a vendor neutral extension and to eventually find it's way into core Vulkan.