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Vulkan 1.3.246 Released With VK_EXT_shader_object

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    Originally posted by brucethemoose View Post

    But does anyone actually use it? From the Yuzu devs in 2019:


    Hence I find it odd that Nintendo would be contributing a new Vulkan feature if Switch devs arent really using it.
    maybe they want to enter cloud gaming to run Nintendo games in Linux Server (they already have Nintendo Switch Online for multiplayer I think)


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      Originally posted by bearoso View Post
      This would be a massive, huge, change to Vulkan. I can't possibly emphasize how big. This is like adding a opengl-simple layer to the API.

      I'm positive it's an April Fools' joke.
      It's NOT an April fools joke.

      It's a very real and awesome extension.

      I hope the VK_EXT_shader_object extension as well as it's dependencies will eventually find their way into Vulkan's core profile.

      the extension should solve all the remaining issues with shader compilation and stuttering
      If this is true, then the VK_EXT_shader_object extension as well as it's dependencies and other, previous extensions solving previous issues about this problem, should in due time, eventually become part of core Vulkan. No wonder everybody is really excited about VK_EXT_shader_object.