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Mesa's Lavapipe Now Officially Vulkan 1.2 Conformant

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    Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
    Just they other day I saw a question, I think it was on Stackoverflow or Reddit, where some person was asking if Steam was a reputable game store. Steam of all places. So if random folks don't know WTF a Steam is or if a Steam is a reputable source for games do y'all really think MesaSoftwareVulkan is more intuitive than LavaPipe?
    I think a better question is why these people who don't know what lavapipe is and are confused by the name need to use it?

    I'm struggling to think of a situation where someone needs to understand this. It's not something a random gamer is going to install so they can run their games.

    It's really not even something a power user is ever going to need.

    You really have to be specifically wanting to use a software based vulkan solution in order to need this for anything, in which case presumably you are capable of doing a quick google search and understanding the results that come up.

    It always confuses me when people talk about how confusing software code names are. Well, yeah, if you don't know that piece of software of course they're confusing. But so what? You don't need to understand it. The point of the software is not for any random person on the internet to glance at and start running it.


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      This is great news.
      Lavapipe is a good name IMO.
      Now i know specifically which software implementation of Vulkan it is we are talking about. If it was named MesaSoftVlk or something like that it would kinda conflict with what it is. Linux could also be called GenericHardwareResourceAllocatorAndAbstractionLaye r but i like Linux better, since there are other solutions like it. The NT-kernel could also be called GenericHardwareResourceAllocatorAndAbstractionLaye r. Likewise a Volkswagen Beetle could also be called SmallRoundGermanCar.
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