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Radeon RADV Driver Readied For Vulkan's Upcoming Mesh Shading Extension

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    Originally posted by user1 View Post

    I think what RADV has achieved with RT till now is impressive because afaik AMD didn't provide to RADV devs proper RT documentation.
    Yes but we will have RDNA3 cards soon and it will still be pretty useless.
    Meanwhile NVIDIA users have been enjoying varying success with DLSS and RT for some time now, I saying varying because sometimes their drivers break the features and other times it doesn't always work with in proton games, according to reports. (bit of touch and go at times, as can be expected with closed-source drivers)


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      Originally posted by dlq84 View Post

      No, why would anyone develop something completely new in OpenGL when we have Vulkan?
      That's a good question.
      The thing is, developers still use OpenGL. Many even for new projects with a lot of modern features.
      Some developers seem to treat the OpenGL API as a higher-level API compared to the Vulkan API, not as it's predecessor.