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Left 4 Dead 2 Updated With Vulkan Rendering Via DXVK, Many Other Improvements

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    Originally posted by Mario Junior View Post

    Same question here
    Yes, similar changes are in the Windows version. Or at least that's what the changelog said when I looked it as the app updated yesterday.


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      Originally posted by Flaburgan View Post
      Hm, but why is DXVK involved here? I mean, on Linux it's currently running OpenGL, not DirectX. So the translation should be OpenGL -> Vulkan not DirectX -> Vulkan, what do I miss here?
      The old version of the game on linux runs a DirectX -> OpenGL translation layer that Valve developed in house.
      Now they are using a DirectX -> Vulkan translation layer that is developed not only by Valve.

      So this means less code for Valve to maintain.
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        No comparison benchmarks?


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          Originally posted by pWe00Iri3e7Z9lHOX2Qx View Post

          If you look at the release announcement, there are a bunch of fixes including things like crash fixes on Linux. Or you know, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. The fact that they are updating it at all after more than a decade, let alone on a niche platform for gaming that wasn't even a choice when the game launched, is quite frankly phenomenal.
          Yeah, they practically give it away at very low prices, like CDPR does for some of it's older games.


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            OpenGL is about 3x faster than Vulkan for me.