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LunarG Introduces New Vulkan Configurator (vkconfig)

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    GTK never had LTS releases, so it's hard to argue this is a point where GTK is superior.
    GTK3 is in maintenance after version 3.22. It doesn't need special LTS releases.


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      It does work on Linux without any issues.

      Native binaries for Windows, Linux and macOS are provided in SDK, as well full sources in SDK and on GitHub.

      Here is example on Linux:

      It is very handy for managing more complex layers configurations, and saves a bit of time looking in documentation or writing constantly files. I like it. Also prebuilt binaries just work. They don't ship Qt libraries in Linux SDK, but as long as you have it installed on your system it just works with them, it also makes SDK smaller (unpacked it is already 900MB).

      I will ping Debian people to package it officially into the distro, so Debian and Ubuntu people can use it easily. It is mostly a tool for developers, but could be handing for some users to debug issues in Vulkan programs, dxvk, driver issues, or zink for example, if they know how to.