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EA Joins The Khronos Group, Will Collaborate On Vulkan

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    Too bad that the Origin client does not work with wine-staging anymore. No EA gaming with Linux currently. Big points for the Uplay client, it works after every update.
    Yes, it is great that Uplay works after every update, but it also seems to constantly hog a whole CPU core for no particular reason.


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      Uplay causes me a lot of crash-on-load issues (crashes Steam even on first attempt to load Far Cry New Dawn most of the time). I despise that client... I wouldn't be boasting about it.

      Origin works OK for me with tkg-protonated-4.5 as long as Esync is enabled (corrupted display in the client if not and games have to be launched manually in Wine prefix). That's got to be the first time I've seen anything that doesn't work properly without Esync, usually it's the other way around. Unfortunately, my Mass Effect games are hitchy/stuttery/freezy with Wine 4.0 or higher. I've recently had the notion to play those again.

      I hate that Origin client.

      The solution for me was to use the last Windows XP Origin client, which is fine for 32 bit games. I remembered seeing that in Lutris but paid it no mind at the time, thinking it would just be rubbish but it's actually more stable, reliable and far less annoying. Those games work very well for me with Proton 3.16.x (even better with Proton 3.7-8) and are more stable with Esync disabled. DXVK doesn't come into play, as they are DirectX 9 games.

      So I have two Wine prefixes for the Origin clients, one for newer games and one for older.

      The biggest problems with EA games on LInux are... Origin, and Digital Rights Management shitware. (Star Wars Battlefront II won't even install, it fails as soon as it tries to hook the DRM and thinks it's complete, and changes status to "Play". Repairing it checks 12 Gb of files, then fails and goes to complete etc.)

      At face value, such contributions to Vulkan sound good but I'm not sure I would even want EA's face in our software environment.