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RADV Vulkan Driver Should Now Work Much Better With DXVK For Direct3D 11 Wine Gaming

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    Originally posted by VikingGe View Post
    This most definitely is an ad-hoc workaround for a bug deeper in their stack. The Vega-specific scissor workaround that you called ad-hoc most definitely isn't - while the proper solution would be to fix the hardware, you cannot fix existing hardware.

    The alternative in this particular issue would be widespread GPU hangs in a very large number of games, and I'm sure most people would find that unacceptable.
    to give a bit more context: it is an LLVM issue that pretty much needs a pass rewritten, this disables the buggy parts of the pass. We'd need it anyway even if LLVM gets fixed because we support old versions of LLVM and hangs are very bad.

    @VikingGe: mostly yes, but apparently wine does some things that are terrible for multithreaded games. If you are CPU limited I would not be surprised if that brings 50%+ performance improvement for those games when fixed.


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      Looks like this latest release fixed a bug in Skyrim Special Edition concerning transparent textures (On RX Vega, if it wasn't present elsewhere). Now the game, as far as I can tell, looks identical to native.


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        Leopard VikingGe
        Thanks for clarification. I tried to run ELEX with DXVK on Windows 10 to check if it's a Wine problem (It's definitly a CPU bootleneck on Wine + DXVK, so like BNieuwenhuizen mentioned it may be internal Wine problem), but with Radeon Software drivers I just get a black screen and nothing more. Maybe someone with Nvidia card may compare performance of ELEX. Too bad that AMD can't fix their official Vulkan driver to support DXVK.


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          Today I tested ELEX again, but with CPU governor set to performance and I have 53 FPS, so much better. I'm not able to test with the latest mesa, because current mesa versions from both Padoka and Oibaf PPAs caused hang at startup, so I tested with both 1+ weeks old Padoka PPA and official mesa available in Ubuntu repository.

          BTW. Do you know which tool can I use to monitor CPU/GPU usage during a fullscreen game?