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Marek Posts Gallium3D HUD Multi-Context Support

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  • Marek Posts Gallium3D HUD Multi-Context Support

    Phoronix: Marek Posts Gallium3D HUD Multi-Context Support

    Marek Olšák's latest project has been adding support for multi-context applications to the Gallium3D Heads-Up Display (HUD)...

  • #2
    I hope radv developers will have a chance to implement HUD as well.


    • #3
      Michael, don't you want to make a survey, about how many people use gallium hud, and why?


      • #4
        I run the Gallium hud quite a lot, especally when first configuring a game, I like to run at a native 4k resolution and turn the settings down until it gets a playable framerate


        • #5
          I've used it, but I have a couple of problems with it.

          It could use a toggle, to get it in a Steam game you have to launch Steam from the command line with the HUD, and navigating the Steam menus with the HUD enabled is more difficult that it needs to be.

          The second issue is there doesn't seem to be any documentation or references anywhere that I could find. Just figuring out the commands to enter took a lot of Googling.


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            I didn't know about the Gallium hud until recently. Now I'm gonna have to do some research and see what it can do for me.


            • #7
              I'm using the hud nearly every day experimenting with opengl code or tuning on games/driver preferences. It's awesome and it don't introduce any performance issue


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                I've used Gallium HUD to get idea how some few games peform. Proven to be quite useful as it allowed to spot bogus game engine behavior under some circumstances. I would call it useful feature any day.