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Mesa 17.2 Set For Release This Weekend

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    Oh, i read this in winehq one and this is about wither3 and IIRC TW3-GOTY = TW3+2DLC nothing more and nothing less.
    Hope they find a solution for this issue.

    But ok, after update kernel to the latest 4.12-amd-staging it freeze, probably it is different bug but it's not nice anyway.
    and my dmesg is full of:
    kernel: gmc_v8_0_process_interrupt: 176 callbacks suppressed
    kernel: amdgpu 0000:01:00.0: GPU fault detected: 146 0x0a023d14
    kernel: amdgpu 0000:01:00.0:   VM_CONTEXT1_PROTECTION_FAULT_ADDR   0x00132140
    kernel: amdgpu 0000:01:00.0:   VM_CONTEXT1_PROTECTION_FAULT_STATUS 0x0B03D014
    kernel: amdgpu 0000:01:00.0: VM fault (0x14, vmid 5) at page 1253696, write from 'SDM1' (0x53444d31) (61)
    It's not about mesa 17.2... sorry.


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      Originally posted by frosth View Post
      I hope mesa 17.2(+LLVM5) is the last stop for my journey: "oh, i have to grab all that shit from git/svn right now or I die immediatly"
      I hear you brother, I'm exactly the same, tired of the lottery that is Mesa GIT


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        Originally posted by Brisse View Post
        I'm on rc5 now and I've been having issues with Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It runs at sub 1 fps, including intros and main menu so it completely unplayable. Hope rc6 or upcoming stable release fixes this.
        I hope so too. I haven't tried 17.2ish yet, but I've been looking forward to it giving me a few more FPS on DXMD (on an RX480) based on previous benchmarks on this site.