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    Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
    Hahaha I still run drivers from 2006 on Windows 10. Can linux run drivers from 2006? NOOOOOO? Linux<Windows
    Be more specific, provide chipset/hardware details.

    My experience is the opposite.nVidia 980a chipset supported on XP, Vista, Windows 8 but not Windows 10.
    AMD Ryzen and the upcoming Intel 299X both require Windows 10. I ran a Catalyst driver on my x700 AMD graphics chip for years and then switched over to gallium and ran it for 5 more years before i gave the hardware away to charity.

    Needing to buy new hardware just because Windows 10 doesnt have a driver is a real problem for my dual boot gaming desktop right now because it still runs Vista. Where Vista no longer gets security updates and Windows 10 wont run the hardware.
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