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Mesa's Libdrm Gets USB DRM/KMS Device Detection

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  • Mesa's Libdrm Gets USB DRM/KMS Device Detection

    Phoronix: Mesa's Libdrm Gets USB DRM/KMS Device Detection

    Libdrm has some new patches this morning from a NVIDIA developer...

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    some tool to install bios and to mod bios would be appreciated.


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      Why nividia work on Tegra support in nouveau? What they would need to do/build if they didn't work with nouveau?


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        GPUs over USB connections wouldn't be able to compare to their PCIe equivalents in bandwidth would they?(at least the higher end)

        USB 3.1 is what 1.25GB/s vs PCIe 3.0 x16 being capable of 16GB/s. Half that or more for USB if they have a more common 3.0 port. From some benchmarks I saw 1080s were mostly still providing full performance at x8 but that'd still make USB 3.1 6-8 times slower? The new thunderbolt supports 40Gbit/s(5GB/s) which is a bit closer but still not quite there. And then we have PCIe 4.0 arriving this year doubling the bandwidth it can handle for future devices.

        What sort of market are these devices for? Or will you see 1070/1080 GPUs being sold in the products even if they're not able to fully meet their performance due to bandwidth bottleneck(which surely reviews would be able to point out?).