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Learning resources for Mesa and Gallium

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  • Learning resources for Mesa and Gallium

    Hello everyone,

    I am working on a team that is investigating enabling software rendering in Mesa for Android Lollipop.

    We are aware of some changes that recently went into the Android-x86 project's Marshmallow branch to enable software rendering via a swrast/llvmpipe driver in Mesa (, but the Marshmallow branch is a bit unstable and we'd like to port the changes to another version.

    My team is new to working with this level of Linux (low level graphics), and before blindly diving in and trying to port these changes to other distributions of Android, we'd like to learn as much as possible.

    Currently we are reading the very helpful, but unfinished "Linux Graphics Drivers: an Introduction" linked from another thread on this forum (

    We are also planning on ordering the O'Reily book "Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition" (, but this book may be a bit outdated.

    I'd love any suggestions from the forum for learning materials geared towards beginners looking to get into the Mesa/DRI/DRM/EGL area of the graphics stack.

    Many thanks!