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Mesa 6.5.2 Release [Development Release]

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  • Mesa 6.5.2 Release [Development Release]

    Originally posted by Phoronix News
    December 04, 2006 -- After nearly three months since the development release of Mesa 6.5.1, another development release is now out. Mesa 6.5.2 was released last Saturday and brings several exciting changes. It mostly consists of bug-fixes but this development version of Mesa does bring a new DRI memory manager system, new Intel i965 DRI driver, fixes for many of the drivers, and support for OpenGL 2.0/2.1 is nearly complete! The new Mesa DRI memory manager system brings the following features: EXT_framebuffer_objects, render to texture, ARB_pixel_buffer_objects, Accelerated CopyTexSubimage, DrawPixels, ReadPixels, CopyPixels, Accelerated texture uploads from pixel buffer objects, and Potentially texturing directly from the pixel buffer object. This is a very exciting development release for Mesa 3D, and the release notes are available here.
    Originally posted by Release Notes
    New features

    * New DRI memory manager system. Currently used by the i915tex driver. Other DRI drivers will be updated to use the new memory manager in coming months.
    To use the new driver you'll need the most recent DRM library and drivers (version 2.2 or later) and a recent xf86-video-intel driver module from
    New features resulting from this work include:
    o EXT_framebuffer_objects, render to texture
    o ARB_pixel_buffer_objects
    o Accelerated CopyTexSubimage, DrawPixels, ReadPixels, CopyPixels
    o Accelerated texture uploads from pixel buffer objects
    o Potentially texturing directly from the pixel buffer object (zero copy texturing).
    * New Intel i965 DRI driver
    * New minstall script to replace normal install program
    * Faster fragment program execution in software
    * Added (or fixed) support for GLX_SGI_make_current_read to the following drivers:
    o radeon
    o savage
    o mga
    o tdfx
    * Added support for ARB_occlusion_query to the tdfx driver (Ian Romanick).

    Bug fixes

    * fixed invalid memory read while rendering textured points (bug 8320)
    * fixed problems with freebsd-dri configuration (bug 8344)
    * Mesa's fake glxGetCurrentContext() wasn't thread-aware
    * OPTION NV_position_invariant didn't work in NV vertex programs
    * glDrawPixels into a user-created framebuffer object could crash Xlib driver
    * Line clipping was broken in some circumstances
    * fragment.fogcoord register didn't always contain the correct value
    * RGBA logicops didn't work reliably in some DRI drivers
    * Fixed broken RGBA LogicOps in Intel DRI drivers
    * Fixed some fragment program bugs in Intel i915 DRI driver
    * Fixed glGetVertexAttribfvARB bug 8883
    * Implemented glGetUniform[fi]vARB() functions
    * Fixed glDrawPixels(GL_COLOR_INDEX, GL_BITMAP) segfault (bug 9044)
    * Fixed some gluBuild2DMipmaps() bugs (Greg McGarragh)
    * Fixed broken "mgl" name mangling
    * Indirect rending was broken for glMap* functions (bug 8899)

    Internal code changes

    * The device driver functions ResizeBuffers and GetBufferSize have been decprecated.
    * OpenGL 2.0 and 2.1 support is nearly done. We need to do quite a bit more testing of the shading language functions.
    Looks to be an excellent release Will give it a try soon.
    Michael Larabel