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Apple Announces A New 3D API, OpenGL Competitor: Metal

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  • An SoC is more than a GPU


    • Originally posted by scottishduck View Post
      An SoC is more than a GPU
      Good job it also wins the CPU physics benchmark then.


      • Originally posted by name99 View Post
        For Christ's sake, this "theorizing" is totally retarded.
        The reason Apple is not releasing Swift as open-source today is absolutely obvious --- the syntax IS NOT YET FROZEN.
        Apple have said this repeatedly --- over the next few months they are listening to comments on perceived flaws in the language and how they might be improved, and they will do what they believe makes sense to rectify those flaws. NOTHING is going to be released as open source until, at the very least, the Swift 1.0 syntax and semantics are nailed down.

        As for why Apple didn't choose Go, Rust, C#, Scala, or whatever other random favorite language you have, here's a hint: Apple's SINGLE BIGGEST REQUIREMENT is interoperability with their existing code. Do those languages operate on top of the Objective-C Runtime and with Objective-C semantics? No. So WTF are they being raised as realistic options for solving APPLE'S problems. Not YOUR problems, APPLE'S PROBLEMS?
        Yeah no shit sherlock, read my fucking comments before you burst out with a fucking douchy post. I said the world would be a better place if Apple eventually open sources it, and presumably they will when they are ready (carried on from another thread).

        As for the other comments, yup. That's right on the line of what I've been saying (although I'm not certain that was directed at me).