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Possible Features To Find In OpenGL 5.0

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    Originally posted by benjamin545 View Post

    that is generaly how phoronix artiicles work. no meaningful or insightful infromation in the article, mostly links to other peoples commentary about it. this one is unique because it doesnt have a ton of links to other phoronix articles. this one is also different as it doesnt have a stupid name for the title, something like "HURD gets some love", or the article is basicaly taking a non news event and blowing it out of porportion only to have another article come out in a few hours stating what everyone in the comments of the previos article explained. so if you want to use phoronix effectivly, just click link on main page for comments, that is where you will get the most meaningful information.
    I don't see why you're complaining unless you already know all of this stuff. You know, his posts aren't meant for just you. There are plenty of people (like myself) who simply don't know about this stuff and don't hear the conversation.