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Ubuntu Will Not Enable Open-Source VDPAU Support

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    Epic fail!

    Epic fail in project management. It's so damn silly to have implemented and working feature and then fail to supply it due to own idiocy in project management. My wish to Canonical: fire all morons responsible for this idiocy. That's the only thing they deserve.


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      I too was taken aback by this but remember something: this *is* an LTS release.

      The VDPAU support seems to be working nicely (I've already said goodbye to fglrx on my laptop), but was still being worked on very little time ago, and hasn't yet received large-scale testing.

      But being an LTS release, if they follow their current procedures it will mean that by the time 14.10 rolls around (a mere 8 months away) VDPAU will probably be rock solid, and they'll release a 14.10 enablement stack for 14.04, and all will be well.

      Seems like a reasonable compromise to me.

      What they are failing, is in providing proper communication for this. Just "lol no fit 8mb on cdieee" is not a good one, for all the reasons you all pointed out.

      In addition, they current images don't target cd's anymore, they supposedly are aimed at 1gb pen drives (which usually dont have 1gb, especially after formatted).
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        don't know what's wrong with linux 3.x(tearing even on 480p videos), because my smarttv has linux 2.6.x and play excellent the videos(loaded from usb). I no longer use my pc(linux 3.x) to play videos, linux sucks is better on windows 7 , also in arch linux you have to enable the vdpau support for amd and intel... so its normal. bye
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          Originally posted by Ericg View Post
          Game changing in what way?
          In the "it was a slideshow card X without the patch" way.


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            *on card X


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              Originally posted by Ericg View Post
              You miss the point Bacon, its 8MB's they save on the LiveCD's, which they apparently are still trying to force onto an 800mb CD..
              The problem is that this argument falls flat on its face when you realize that there are *TONS* of packages that ubuntu DOES NOT INSTALL on their livecd.
              If you look at that discussion, +ajax = redhat. He was talking about how Fedora might go ahead and add it to the LIVECD -- just because, you know, it would be really cool.


              Ubuntu *could* just do what Redhat does, and there is not a single reason in the world why they don't.


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                Originally posted by 0xBADCODE View Post
                My wish to Canonical: fire all morons responsible for this idiocy.
                Ok, so just so we are clear, this basically means shutting the doors and going out of business....


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                  Originally posted by gigaplex View Post
                  Why is everyone saying it's as simple as enabling a configuration option? It's not. If they ship it, they have to support it.
                  Actually, no, they don't have to support anything unless there is a support contract between them and their "customers", which doesn't exist.


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                    Come on guys, it's not really about if they support it on the live CD (which of course not everyone will agree on that this is important, a basic necessity or whatever). But from what it reads, it will not be installable through the standard ubuntu repos, be it the supported parts, nor the unsupported uni/multiverse parts. And that really isn't necessary as they can easily the libg3dvl-mesa outside the live CD but inside main, uni- or multiverse.


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                      Debian still hasn't enabled VDPAU either

                      I wonder if Ubuntu is really waiting for Debian? Bug here:


                      I'm running Debian Sid packages built with patches in that bug report, and VPDAU works OK. I wonder why the patches haven't been applied in Debian yet. Bug report does not state any reasons for not enabling VDPAU by default.

                      On the other hand, after I enabled VDPAU, pause/resume and rewind works somewhat flakily on my AMD laptop with AMD GPU with mplayer. If I pause/unpause it starts stuttering for ~10 seconds. CPU usage is MUCH lower though, especially playing high definition videos... As far as I know, VLC is unable to use open-source VDPAU support at all? Something about how Radeon VDPAU reports its capabilities?

                      I hope VDPAU gets enabled in Debian before next release is frozen. But it needs a bit more work IMO.