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H.264 Video Encoding Interface Added To Gallium3D

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    Originally posted by MWisBest View Post
    Even if VCE 1.0 gets supported, will that also work on Trinity and Richland APUs, even though they aren't Southern Islands let alone GCN-based GPUs?
    There are no dependencies between the VCE and specific 3D hardware, so there's no problem.


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      Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
      It will take a little bit of code in r600g just to make sure everything gets linked together correctly, but that kind of glue should be mostly trivial.

      So yes, it shouldn't be an issue.
      Originally posted by agd5f View Post
      There are no dependencies between the VCE and specific 3D hardware, so there's no problem.
      Thank you very much for clarifying. I'm not as knowledgeable with GPU driver stuff as I'd like to be, so any information about it is always nice! As the phrase goes, "knowledge is power."

      Originally posted by twriter View Post
      We have it working on Trinity now but we don't know if/when we'll be able to release it.
      I presume it has to be cleared via legal and whatnot? I'm sure they're probably busy with things higher on the list than "review open-source radeon driver code," AMD is certainly not a small company and their legal team is probably overworked, so I can certainly understand and don't have any "expectations" for what they get done unlike some other people here, I presume the things they put higher on the list are more important to keeping AMD afloat and I'd rather have them do things like that than stuff for the radeon driver. The "return-on-investment" (time- and money-wise) probably isn't very good for things for the radeon driver, and I'd rather they do things that prevent lay-offs of workers or even create new jobs, I think that's more important and wish others would consider that before complaining about something with the radeon driver.


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        Like the older versions of UVD, the older versions of VCE have hardware differences that necessitate a separate review due to different risk factors compared to newer hardware versions.