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What Do You Wish Was In Mesa 10.0?

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    Except a lot of the things people mention earlier in the thread, I'd like a passable performance playing Left 4 Dead 2. And a fix for the graphics glitches where some characters' textures flicker a lot, especially when in smoke (it happens to the woman constantly).
    I couldn't run my Radeon 4890 with DPM enabled before, but now it works! So that's fixed =)


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      Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
      I am not so shure about that, like I said many stuff in the driver stack got changed in the last year the biggest ist the switch to gallium3d. And not only the switch also the supporting of both drivers.

      So there are now 2 things that happend :

      1. at some point new features will only come to the gallium3d driver, so not double the work, I think that did happen already for radeon at least?

      2. one of the main features gallium3d has is the abstraction between a small core of drivers and the feature-state trackers, like we got some idea when we saw the directx or direct3d state trackers. So in theory it should now be possible to implement feature xy in a mesa-statetracker (is this the name for it?) and only few or none changes would be needed in the driver part. So you do more work 1 time instead of multiple times.

      The driver-devs I heard from said that they did something like a windows 98 to windows 7 driver architecture update in a few years, so in that time of such a change of course infrastructure-work will take much resources.
      I get the sense that the DRI3 "mega driver" thing or whatever that I've been reading a bit about (which I still admittedly do not know much about) should increase overall speed of implementation -- we might not get such fractured mesa versions across the board.