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Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Driver Is Now Much Faster

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    I remember reading that we would all have flying cars by now. That seemed really promising too
    Back to the Future Part II?


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      The test in the article was pretty pointless. Gaming... seriously? Who is going to worry about gaming on software drivers? Even the crappiest machine capable of even running those games will have a GPU capable of doing better than that.

      Here is a much more interesting test for the performance of this; try out DESKTOP COMPOSITING on something with a horrid crappy CPU, like... oh I don't know... an INTEL Z520!!!!
      Things to measure: framerate, CPU load.


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        Originally posted by Honton View Post
        Better yet. GNOME. The better software drivers are more important for GNOME since they provide a uniform user interface. These performance gains pretty much obliterates all the "software drivers are useless" hearsay. Great news.
        It's still useless since it's maxing out your CPU to do a task even a craptacular integrated GPU would do without coming out of it's lowest power state.


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          Originally posted by curaga View Post
          This one? "llvmpipe: implement blit"

          If you mean that one, it was added in 9.1-rc1. So the question is then, if this caused a regression for 9.1 and if 9.0 had faster llvmpipe speeds. Michael, 9.0 please
          I was thinking of this one: "don't use blit-based transfers with software rasterizers"

          which was added right after a blit path for readpixels was added. However, that actually turns off blits for TexImage and GetTexImage as well, which i guess were on before. Possibly since 9.0 or 9.1?

          I agree some regression testing here would be nice. Michael???