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Monthly PUBLIC 3D Graphics Test using PTS.

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  • Monthly PUBLIC 3D Graphics Test using PTS.


    I have an idea to create a strictly public, regular 3D performance test, done using PTS, that is performed on monthly basis.
    I don't think it was done ever before.

    It also has nothing in common with performance test that Michael does for articles.
    He can use the results for his articles or do "card of the month", "driver of the month" articles.
    Anyway, all control over destiny of this idea lies in his hands.

    The reason for doing it on monthly basis is to:
    - prevent clutter (255 systems etc)
    - adopt to newer profiles of PTS
    - ability to compare latest drivers/kernel

    The reason to do it at all is to:
    - provide good overview of performance and provide buying advice.
    - provide easy quick lookup to strictly 3D gaming performance. Currenly, its either Michael cards, or a huge amount of individual tests.

    The test will be done on VERY SMALL AMOUNT of tests, using SMALL number of resolutions.

    So what do you think of it?...

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    Ok, I understand this as there is "no one interested in 3D performance of mesa".