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Coverity Uncovers More Problems In Mesa

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  • Coverity Uncovers More Problems In Mesa

    Phoronix: Coverity Uncovers More Problems In Mesa

    A handful of memory-related issues were plugged up yesterday in Mesa thanks to the Coverity static code analysis tools...

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    A handful of spelling-related issues were plugged up yesterday in Phoronix thanks to the Aspell spell check tool.

    A typo, extra character, mangled words, and other problems were fixed up yesterday in the Phoronix article. These issues were spotted during an external Aspell scan of the Phoronix article. None of these newly discovered flaws though are critical in nature.

    Aspell scans in the past have found dozens of problems in Phoronix and hundreds of other blogs.

    For those unfamiliar with Aspell, their spell check tool generally does a very good job at detecting errors within written text. While it's open-source software, they do scan text generated by closed-source projects and have found thousands of errors over the years. Aspells's spell check product is able to spot all sorts of errors from incorrect vowel usage, missplaced letters, missing consonants, extra characters, typos, best practice spelling errors, and text readability issues.

    For those that may be looking for closed-source alternatives to some of the features offered by the Aspell tools, one of the closest (and most hopeful) competitors would be Microsoft's Office with its built-in spell checker. Other useful spell check tools that are open-source include Hunspell, WBOSS, and Orangoo, among many others.


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      Finally the Radeon memory leak willl get fixed! I've experienced it but had no idea how to nail it down.

      Sandain: +1. Well played.


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        I think it is great that Coverity while is a commercial proprietary software vendor, they do provide scans of open source software.

        For JavaScript programmers:

        For Python programmers: