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Compiz Working On Unredirected Fullscreen Windows

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    Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
    Ok, your post was the exception. Question, did you ever give your code to Sam Spilsbury for review?

    Also, people do complain about the implementation of Unity. They complain that its slows down graphics, like all composited interfaces do. They complained that there was "Unredirected Fullscreen Windows" support like KDE and Gnome Shell.

    Any complaints about the astetics of the interface is garbage though, its all up to the user to decide if they like that. They might not like it, but it doesn't mean that anyone wants to hear about it.
    Nope, it is a general purpose interpretation engine, it isn't specific to Compiz, but it would take virtually no effort for them to integrate it into Compiz as a plugin which accepts a list of program names that need Compiz to be dead while they are running and use that to make a Procmon script that runs in the background.


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      Can I ask a dumb question, here?

      Why do I care (I'm guessing that I would, if I knew).

      Is this just another Unity/Ubuntu thing, or is it more general problem?

      All I've found is there's this option in compiz (newer versions only? I don't recall seeing it before, but I don't fiddle much with compiz settings anymore).

      Unredirect Fullscreen Windows:
      Should programs be allowed to draw directly into a fullscreen window, bypassing the compositing process? This can significantly increase the performance of fullscreen games and videos, but may also cause visual glitches. If you don't know which setting is right for your use case, it's safer to leave this option disabled.
      I'll be quite satisfied with a good link, to start my homework on.
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        Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
        There isn't a single on topic post in here. They are all bitching and random piles of text.....

        Get EXCITED! This is what you've been complaining thta Unity needed, Unredirected Fullscreen Windows to improve performance! Imagine the L4D2 performance now!

        Or are you guys so uncomfortable priasing a positive thing about Ubuntu that you are incapable of coherent type?!?
        I'm pretty sure I was on topic. Also, unredirected windows is nothing to get excited about. It's a taking the easy way out of a difficult problem at the expense of user experience.