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Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa 8.0

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  • Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa 8.0

    Phoronix: Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa 8.0

    While Mesa 8.0 has a lot to like about it from advertised OpenGL 3.0 support to performance improvements and new Gallium3D features, there are also several shortcomings of this major Mesa release for open-source graphics drivers...

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    Perhaps you should have told your readers that you can simply get S3TC compression on Fedora by installing this package? Of course, only if your countries laws allow you to, which I think is no trouble for most people.


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      The Nouveau nvc0 (Fermi) driver in Mesa 8.0 supports GL3, same as softpipe and Intel Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge.


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        Still no MSAA / MLAA (does compiz use it? cuz it really need it...) and its a really ancient feature..


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          Hm? MLAA's been merged since Aug 2011.


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            Originally posted by curaga View Post
            Hm? MLAA's been merged since Aug 2011.
            r300g & r600g still reports no MSAA on this page here:

            Is the page wrong?

            Because that would be my #8 and it's a big one for me..


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              switchable GPU support.

              Since Nvidia has totally messed up their Linux support with their "Optimus" crap, a working solution to use discreet GPU on "muxless" configuration is highly needed.


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                He said MLAA, and that page does list it as mostly working.


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                  Man, you were really hard pressed to find 8 points to complain about, weren't you? Might as well add "doesn't make me a sandwich" while you're at it.

                  I wonder when we'll see the "Eight Shortcomings of PTS" article. It's so easy to pick a random missing feature and complain about it. Here, let me give you five to get you started:
                  1. Other operating systems (Windows, ReactOS, AROS, Haiku, Android, Tizen, ...) still not fully supported since some or all benchmark profiles don't work.
                  2. SVG still not fully supported. That's 11 years late.
                  3. Missing networking Benchmarks.
                  4. It's still not reporting a 3DMark score due to legal/copyright issues. Honestly, that's inexcusable, and I won't accept workarounds.
                  5. Missing Hardware support. Still can't benchmark smartphones or game consoles.

                  Well, on a more positive note, if the complaints boil down to "still not quite the proprietary drivers", then I guess it's all good.


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                    Fedora 16 has a libtxc_dxtn package available in the official repos. Not sure if it's a matter of just installing it and things magically work though...

                    Edit: yup!! Just installing it (no reboot or anything) fixed WorldWind which used to fail drawing the textures on the globe due to a S3TC error!
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