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The S3TC Patent Might Be Invalid

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    Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
    Yes, the internet has made quality investigative journalism like that which led to Woodward and Burnstein's Watergate articles next to impossible as there is no funding for it.
    Information covers a much broader scope than what's traditionally covered by investigative journalism (which although is in decline is still very present in the uk). Information covers any area you wish to study or follow. Remember when you had to get your dose of linux news in a monthly magazine?

    Politics and current events are covered now at a speed and quantity that eclipse the past. A decline in investigative journalism is counterbalanced with something that's not the same but does mean your aware as ever (quite possibly more so) of the corruption that grips the world. I understand america is politicly a little messed up with groups like the tea party showing how ignorant people can be but I would suggest they're people who don't want to fact check what their spoon fed. For people who seek it, access to news isn't largely restricted to a limited number of media mogul's any more. As long as you have the ability to identify reliable sources and cross reference effectively you don't have to take the word of any journalist. You can often quickly be able to look into aspects their claim yourself. How often have you, for example, been watching a documentary on misc troubles in a far off country and popped onto Google to get further information for yourself mid show? The internet empowers you if you use it.


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      Originally posted by Nevertime View Post
      Are you arguing semantics? I don't see your point. I've already stated that its how you source your information from all the mediums available. It sounds like we're in agreement.
      No, I'm totaly agreeing with you and thereby providing you with 1000 internets as a reward

      I was bashing that which you were arguing against


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        Originally posted by asdx
        So is the S3TC patent invalid now or what?
        Haven't seen anything to indicate it is indeed invalid...the USPTO can move very very slowly on making that sort of decision