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Which are the main reasons of the poor performance of open graphics driver?

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    Thanks i missed to read that article before.
    I hope that at least with the new Amd Apu that situation change given that proprietary Amd driver (apart bugs) aren't available forever and perhaps the change on the Gpu on Apu could be more limited(1) and this should make more easy and fast a code optimization even on open source driver.
    Put aside the remain problem of support of new standard, another issue given that involve other project.

    (1) For example on the Intel Ivy Bridge will be support for new standard but the hardware architecture probably will don't change much, if the same thing will happen for the future Apu from Amd ...
    Perhaps isn't a good wish, given that a lower hardware innovation reduces even the possible maximum performance, but if this could help the open source driver to be ready faster and with good performance, i'm more then happy the same.


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      shader compiler

      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Drivers for the 6xx and higher generations are moving towards the same point, although they'll probably need a shader compiler revamp before they get there.
      How about ripping the shader compiler from fglrx then?
      And I mean ripping: it doesn't need to work, just let the open source devs look at it and make it work...

      trying to think out of the box...