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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    One minor terminology point -- the AMD GPUs are all SIMD today (SIMD "this way" and VLIW "that way", eg a 16x5 or 16x4 array). In the future, they will still be SIMD, just not SIMD *and* VLIW.

    There are certainly lots of IRs to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One more wild card is that our Fusion System Architecture (FSA) initiative will be built in part around a virtual ISA (FSAIL) designed to bridge over CPUs and GPUs, so I think we have at least 5 to choose from -- 4 if you lump LunarGLASS and LLVM IR together since LunarGLASS builds on and extends LLVM IR. I'm assuming nobody is arguing that we should go back to Mesa IR yet

    It's going to be an interesting few months, and an interesting XDC. I might even learn to like compilers, although that is doubtful.
    You don't like compilers? You must be using the intel compiler. ~troll face~

    FSAIL (why does that sound like fail) + Maybe SIMD will become very long instruction word multiple data.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      for me its the same.
      lag of manpower or lag of money to pay manpower.
      its the same!
      call it lag of POWER

      the Humble Indie bundle shows Linux do not lag on money.

      Linux only Lag on organization. its to much chaos.

      we just need open-source fan-boy hardware to fund super ultra MAREK ...

      i send 13,37 euro to Marek in the past !
      everyone should do the same!
      just search your personal hacker you like and send him 13,37euro.
      I LoL'd at this post. x)
      Chaos theory == Open Source.


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        sure ;-) its the strongest part and weakest part in same time....

        the "chaos"

        same think in gnome vs kde vs unity... microsoft LoL'd about this because this make sure Linux isn't a real enemy.

        because in "software" its all about Usability compatibility of the USER means an windows user can help another windows user but an kde user can not help a gnome user in graphical problems.

        and not all end-users are master of Bash super heroes.

        the open source community is the strongest enemy to them self.

        andorid is also a linux but an incompatible version...

        and so one and so one.
        True. Someone once said to me sarcastically;
        "Why re-invent the wheel?"
        But I didn't quite like his statement towards some software I had made..
        I know though, that such people who do reinvent the wheel are usually good programmers. They're not afraid to re-discover why things are done the way they are. So what does that make Linux? I guess that makes it something suited to people who crave to learn new things. Self taught people are usually people who inspire others or lead others.