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Gallium3D XvMC For Nouveau Working, Again

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  • Gallium3D XvMC For Nouveau Working, Again

    Phoronix: Gallium3D XvMC For Nouveau Working, Again

    While recently there was the merging of Mesa pipe-video to master. most of the recent video decoding work going on within the Gallium3D world has been into the ATI/AMD R600 Gallium3D driver for XvMC and now VDPAU support too. This is after the R300 support matured a fair amount, but the first one to the Gallium3D video decoding party was Nouveau. Worked on several years ago as part of the Google Summer of Code was Nouveau Gallium3D video coding. Fortunately, some of this work has been resurrected...

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    This is much more interesting than the article makes it sound. This is Maarten Lankhorst's work to use the hardware decoder on the GPU - Nvidia's equivalent to AMD's UVD. It's not just a port of the shader-based decoder.