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Ubuntu 11.10 To Replace GDM With LightDM

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    Originally posted by amphigory View Post

    (P.S., not sure...but I think gnash uses Gtk+, at least for their plug-in. Don't know what lightspark uses)


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      Originally posted by Nobu View Post
      not sure...but I think gnash uses Gtk+, at least for their plug-in
      Gnash uses GTK+ for their nsplugin, but it is optional, and their kpart plugin uses Qt. If you are going GTK+-free, you are likely using a kpart-capable browser (Konqueror or Rekonq) anyway.

      That said, while I favour KDE and Qt, I don't exclude all applications that use GTK+, though I do consider their failure to integrate with the rest of my desktop a considerable drawback, and thus only use them if they have some other big advantage to make up for it.

      Current Gtk+ applications I have installed are:
      • Firefox. It's KDE integration sucks, but it's plugin system and available plugins still kicks Requonq's arse. And there are still quite a few sites that isn't compatible with WebKit, but Gecko works just fine.
      • LibreOffice. It's KDE integration is decent, though not quite native, but it's format support, and to a lesser extent feature set, kicks Caligra Suite's arse.
      • The GIMP. While I use Krita for most tasks (and Kolourpaint for some of the simpler ones), there are still some tasks where The GIMP is king of the hill.
      • Incscape. Karbon isn't even in the same league.
      • Freeciv. Sorry, but Konquest is just not good enough for me


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        Originally posted by monraaf View Post
        Dude are on you some kind of Jihad against GNOME or something?

        Ubuntu 11.10 will ship with GNOME 3, whether you like it or not. I know you are a hardcore Qt fanboy but lets get real here, all major apps on Linux have a dependency on GTK+, a Linux desktop without Qt is perfectly possible, one without GTK+ is just unthinkable.
        Haha you've got to be kidding me. Almost every major Linux app is gtk free. I was just testing Chakra Linux (gtk free, pure Qt) yesterday and it seems it will be the best distro ever. It was alpha version, but it's nearly perfect at this stage. Ubuntu will ship with some gnome3 parts and with Qt as well. Gnome isn't what it was before and it seems it's loosing popularity. So, a Linux desktop without gtk is perfectly possible (Chakra) and the Linux desktop without Qt is just crippled.


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          Originally posted by monraaf View Post
          Well if you want to put up with severely reduced functionality then I suppose you can opt for KOffice instead of LibreOffice, Krita instead of GIMP, Konqueror instead of Firefox or Chromium, KDevelop instead of Eclipse, and I'm not even sure there's a 'GTK+ free alternative' for Adobe Flash.
          It's true, but there are people who use Linux just for multimedia not for office. Btw. Firefox is hardly replaceable, but Rekonq is quite good. Krita's also good and if some prefers Qt then QtCreator is perfect. There's no equivalent for InkScape afaik.

          But who would want that? That's just torture, I don't think even kraftman is willing to submit to that .
          When Chakra will be released I'll switch immediately. It's pure Qt distro, but you can install so called bundles which provides Gtk applications, but you don't have to install Gtk. I'm not going to use Chakra just, because it's Gtk free, but because its alpha release has proven to be far more polished than the final Kubuntu.


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            LibreOffice doesn't need Gtk:



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              I don't us GNOME stuff, but I also don't think that being "Qt-free" or "GTK-free" is a reasonable thing to strive for. Both are good toolkits used by some important software packages, and as long as they can integrate well (Qt does this, GTK still refuses due to political reasons), all is fine.

              That said, I disagree with monraaf. The only GTK+ application that is really needed on a free desktop is GVim, which has no alternative, though Vim in a Konsole is an OK replacement.

              LibreOffice and Firefox (with some gymnastics) are not based on GTK, and can run with a Qt-frontend instead.


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                Also, it's fine to talk about Eclipse (which is not GTK+ based either) and the GIMP, but then you should also mention the linux kernel (make xconfig) and VLC and Skype, which are Qt-only. All decent flashcard software like Anki, Mnemosyne and Parley are Qt-only, and there's plenty of other stuff.

                But this war is old, and will probably still be around in 20 years.


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                  Originally posted by curaga View Post
                  Queue the announcement of DarkDM, the display manager for UbuntuSE...
                  Pretty sure Wintoo has patents on it.


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                    Originally posted by kraftman View Post
                    Firefox is hardly replaceable,
                    I don't know about that, I haven't used FF in years for anything but web browser rendering verification. Most of the time I'm using Opera.

                    OT, can you guys render in FF on linux?
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                      It seems so. Can you provite a screenshot of it rendered with Opera?