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Firefox 6 Should Sort Out Linux GPU Acceleration

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    Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
    But aside from rendering everything upside down it is as fast as firefox 4 with and without in the firefox test: 14 fps.
    There's a workaround for that bug. It does require some lifting though, and - unless you have a CRT - you'll only have one hand to spare, with the other hand being used to keep the monitor from falling over.


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      if thats the only app:

      xrandr -0 2

      back with

      xrandr -0 0


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        Apparently, the blocker bug to prevent hardware acceleration of Firefox for Gallium3D drivers has now been fixed.

        I don't have my RV515 with me to test now, but this looks like a common-code problem, which has now been resolved. It is no longer a reason to blacklist Gallium drivers in general.


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          In firefox hardware accel still totally sucks for me with intel mesa drivers (i've tried the latest firefox 7 nightly as well). Enabling hardware layers acceleration rapes scrolling performance and lags tab animation. chrome dev's hardware acceleration works fine for me (besides breaking gmail)

          And my drivers supposed to be whitelisted, but I still have to force layers to enable it.


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            I've had decent hardware acceleration sine FF4, on any benchmarks done i get great performance. On firefox hardware acceleration tests, i always stay above 60+ FPS.


            I did have to enable it manually, but hey - at least it is working well with the 'blob and my Nvidia card

            i hope they bring performance up to snuff, for anyone having issues...