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NVIDIA slowly killing OpenGL

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    Ok, I opted for GTX260 core 216 1792MB. Double precision, working(*not crappy*) closed source(*crappy*) driver, very cheap now, opengl 3 but still without bug mentioned in this thread. Want video decode, gpgpu, and stable code without messing around with unstable kernels and coming from company where I pay.

    If AMD decides at last that they can only win if they either go full on opensource or invest WAY more in proprietary, I will reconsider amd (possibly).

    True, nvidia is stupid evil company with only closed source, but I failed to see much of my investments into card to appear on opensource amd. And closed source amd is not something I like, more - I probably have an allergy to it.

    If nvidia continues to fck things up with linux, I will just use intel.