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  • Originally posted by DINAMIK View Post
    In my etc/environment I have added the following lines:

    "export R600_GLSL130=1"
    "export R600_STREAMOUT=1"

    but I'm still seing
    OpenGL version string: 2.1
    OpenGL shading language version string: 1.20

    Have I forgot a step?
    You should not use "export" in configuration file.
    Configuration files are not scripts.
    Put "VARIABLE=value" there.

    This is same for Q. and everyone.

    ~/.pam_environiment is only for systems with PAM installed (Ubuntu, obviously) and it is only for assigning user customized vars.
    Meaning, it will not be global. /etc/environiment is for global definitions.


    • will you update this ppa soon for precise?


      • I already pushed mesa + libtxc for precise. My mesa packages however are currently superseded by official Ubuntu ones (based on 8.0 branch rather than on master one). It make sense to use that now to spot possible bugs before the final mesa release. Once 8.0 is released I'll push again packages from master calling them 8.1. I'll push X driver later on.


        • those people that want to spot bugs shouldnt use your ppa then.

          pretty pls push your ppa for precise now. id like to use that fancy opengl3 stuff, etc...

          i dont want to go back to 11.10.


          • What do you expect on master vs. 8.0 branch? Intel is already OpenGL 3.0 on 8.0 and r600 is still not OpenGL 3.0 on master, unless you force it. Anyway is there something useful needing OpenGL 3.0?


            • Hello, I'm interested in the work of Christian K?nig, 3gdvl/vdpau.
              Today I noticed the update to the decoder.


              • I pushed updated libdrm, -ati and mesa packages supporting r600 tiling for oneiric and natty. Precise users should wait until I sync current precise packages with my PPA changes.


                • Updated libdrm and mesa packages for precise (Ubuntu 12.04) are building now.


                  • Hi oibaf,

                    is is possible to test this bug?

                    "in mesa, src/gallium/winsys/radeon/drm/radeon_drm_winsys.c
                    change all assignments of r600_virtual_address to FALSE
                    ws->info.r600_virtual_address = FALSE;"


                    • thanks for the packages for precise.

                      whats the reason that the new xserver-xorg-video packages are hold back?