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  • Originally posted by pinguinpc View Post
    oibaf hi i seeking ppa for lastest driver but last 2 days dont can provide i386 and in ppa show this:


    Yes, i386 builds are broken. I don't have time to look at it. Patches are welcome!


    • It looks that the building of rusticl is not yet fully mature.

      For example, there are Mesa reports like this one here which indicates there may exist some "meson" problems. However this seems to be the case for Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS.


      • oibaf i dont know if can help you but Ernst Sjöstrand have a ppa with mesa unstable and on them give error on i386 too however today appear this:

        spirv-llvm-translator-15 - 15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1​

        spirv-llvm-translator-15 (15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1) lunar; urgency=medium

        * Backport to lunar

        -- Ernst Sjöstrand <email address hidden> Sun, 02 Jul 2023 13:25:27 +0200​

        Available diffs
        • diff from 15.0.0-1ubuntu2 (in Ubuntu) to 15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1 (419 bytes)
        • amd64
        Built packages
        • libllvmspirvlib-15-dev bi-directional translator for LLVM/SPIRV -- development files
        • libllvmspirvlib15 bi-directional translator for LLVM/SPIRV -- shared library
        • llvm-spirv-15 bi-directional translator for LLVM/SPIRV
        Package files
        • libllvmspirvlib-15-dev_15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1_amd64.deb (9.4 KiB)
        • libllvmspirvlib15_15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1_amd64.deb (782.5 KiB)
        • llvm-spirv-15_15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1_amd64.deb (406.1 KiB)
        • spirv-llvm-translator-15_15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1.debian.tar.xz (5.1 KiB)
        • spirv-llvm-translator-15_15.0.0-1ubuntu3~l~ppa1.dsc (2.6 KiB)
        • spirv-llvm-translator-15_15.0.0.orig.tar.gz (1.4 MiB)
        ​maybe can help


        • Originally posted by pinguinpc View Post
          oibaf i dont know if can help you but Ernst Sjöstrand have a ppa with mesa unstable and on them give error on i386 too however today appear this:

          ​maybe can help

          mesa in that PPA also still fails to build on i386.


          • Ernst Sjöstrand mesa unstable ppa can compile both packages i386 and x64 (ubuntu) if anyone needs meanwhile oibaf can solve i386 packages

            this example is with tales of reverie using wine 8.12 devel (no staging because staging dont work for now in my case)


            • Hi oibaf any word when the i386 Oibaf packages will be fixed? Thanks!
              Michael Larabel


              • Hello everyone,

                I need your help urgently! I'm facing an issue with my graphics card drivers. They are not updating anymore, and packages are being held back. I'm using XUbuntu 23.04 and my graphics card is an AMD GPU, specifically the RX 7900 XT.

                This is the error message I'm receiving.

                The following packages have been withheld:
                libadwaita-1-0 libegl-mesa0 libegl-mesa0:i386 libgbm-dev:i386 libgbm1 libgbm1:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libglapi-mesa libglapi-mesa:i386 libglx-mesa0 libglx-mesa0:i386 mesa-va-drivers mesa-va-drivers:i386 mesa-vdpau-drivers mesa-vdpau-drivers:i386 mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386 ubuntu-advantage-tools
                0 updated, 0 reinstalled, 0 to remove and 19 not updated.

                Could you please explain to me what I can do to fix this problem? I would greatly appreciate any assistance!

                Thank you in advance!​


                • oibaf many thanks for fix i386 builds

                  Michael and for anyone needs oibaf i386 packages are officially fixed, mesa 23.3-dev stay avalaible on i386-x64 ppa

                  PLEASE READ: don't email me to report bugs, unless you are sure it's a packaging bug. Not only is email not a good tool for tracking bugs, it also excludes anybody else from tracking or working on the issue. Please read the section "Debugging and reporting problems" below. Also, please don't ask me to include non-free drivers, I won't do it. Patches and suggestions are welcomed. ============= All Ubuntu architectures are supported. Supported Ubuntu versions: - 22.04 (jammy)

                  Also comes with llvm 16 too

                  x64 app wine

                  x32 app wine



                  Last edited by pinguinpc; 16 July 2023, 10:01 AM.


                  • Yeah pinguinpc, you were faster discovering it than me writing here!

                    Also, jammy now has rustcl (like lunar and mantic)!

                    But still llvm15, I uploaded llvm16 packages but mesa (with rusticl) is still broken.


                    • Great, many thanks for the work oibaf and especially for rusticl on jammy!

                      Yeah, rusticl seems to have some strange issues with LLVM 16. Latest state is that it starts to work when it was previously build with LLVM 15.
                      When trying to execute clinfo, it starts printing some data, but at some point, it fails and aborts ... Trying this on gentoo on amd64....