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Updated and Optimized Ubuntu Free Graphics Drivers

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  • I'd suggest having a look if your issue is already reported there:

    If not, open a new issue with a detailed description.

    Also, if you are using an Ubuntu version older than 20.04, I suggest upgrading as soon as possible.


    • Looks like builds are failing:


      • Yup, already addressed!


        • Hi,

          i just added the Oibaf ppa to get OpenCL working with my Rx5700XT since it seemd the card was not supported yet without the ppa.
          I am running the
          • Ubuntu 20.04
          • Kernel 5.8.1

          Since the upgrade from the PPA clinfo gives me this output:
          $ clinfo
          : CommandLine Error: Option 'polly' registered more than once!
          LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options
          Any ideas what the issue might be ? Any help is much appriciated.


          • Added vallium support in the PPA.


            • PPA for 19.10 (eoan) is obsoleted (it is End of Life since July). Packages will be removed from the PPA in the next days.
              Also, 18.04 (bionic) by now is very old and will also be disabled soon.
              If you are still using them purge the PPA, upgrade to 20.04 (focal) and add again the PPA.


              • I asked some time ago about armhf, but probably the post has been thrown into oblivion... anyway, any chances for having the ppa for armhf architecture too?


                • Adding a new arch requires rebuild of all binary packages for all Ubuntu versions, otherwise packages depending on them will fail to build. As I already archived most old packages it would need a bit of work manually reuploading the dependencies.

                  Maybe I could consider doing it after dropping bionic support, which has some more depending library needing to be rebuilt.

                  What's the use case for armhf anyway?


                  • Originally posted by oibaf View Post
                    What's the use case for armhf anyway?
                    Not sure about specifically oibaf ppa, but personally I rebuild newer Mesa releases in my ppa to deliver lima bugfixes to NanoPi-M1 boards (H3-based) which we use as thin clients. Maybe blackshard would like to quickly test lima bugfixes (or maybe vc4?) without waiting for next release.


                    • Hi.

                      I have somehow troubles with my RX5500.
                      I'm using drivers from oibaf.
                      Following problems i'm getting:
                      • Somehow whole PC freezes.
                        It is not accessible via ssh.
                      • freezes without possibility to restart server/lightdm session.

                      Sometimes I'm able to reproduce it when I (de)attach laptop to same monitor where i have Primary output.

                      Under windows(dualboot) it works

                      My specs are:
                      OS: Ubuntu Mate 20.04 with latest updates.
                      Graphics: Sapphire Radeon RX5500 8GB.
                      CPU: R7 1700
                      RAM: 64GB

                      What logs would you like to get for debugging?