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Updated and Optimized Ubuntu Free Graphics Drivers

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  • Originally posted by Vanek View Post
    Ok, it definitely works with
    mplayer -noconfig all -vo vdpau:deint=3 -vc ffh264vdpau,ffodivxvdpau,ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau
    on interlaced video, and
    mplayer -noconfig all -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau,ffodivxvdpau,ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau
    works great on progressive, but I'm getting a green screen on xbmc (on progressive and black screen on interlaced). But it's maybe something wrong with my system - I haven't tried it on clean install.
    (Also, there is a warning at by fritsch "Installation of the wsnipex repository which includes all relevant mesa patches in a stable version. Don't use oibaf ppa - it will produce black screens only.")
    I think that wsnipex PPA only added this patch more than my PPA, so the warning could be ignored. No idea about the green screen, try asking to xbmc people.


    • So, it is in master now vl: add motion adaptive deinterlacer and st/vdpau: add support for DEINTERLACE_TEMPORAL


      • Indeed. Before adding the patch to the PPA I asked Grigori, patch author, and he replied he planned to merge the patch sometime, even if the quality could still be improved. He was fast!


        • Actually and currently what benefits on HD3850 AGP card installing this drivers?

          I'm interested in hardware acceleration on flv (youtube) files and any kind of possible acceleration to improve capabilities on old but reliable hardware.
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          • Hi oibaf.I have a new problem.When I launch Dota 2 I have a black screen.I can't see nothing,only can hear the sound.


            • Originally posted by celletus View Post
              Hi oibaf.I have a new problem.When I launch Dota 2 I have a black screen.I can't see nothing,only can hear the sound.
              Edit:Counter strike is working fine,I guess is a Dota 2 problem.I have opened an issue on dota 2 github.Thanks


              • I tried compiling mesa on 14.04 with gcc address sanitize. It will be slower, but it may catch some bugs, I'll revert it after some testing.


                • So, after much wrangling of tarballs and gnashing of teeth, I've finally got a ppa set up for:

                  1. LLVM dailies
                  2. LibCLC dailies
                  3. Oibaf's mesa releases

                  I had to use gross hacks for LLVM, since its daily debian builds wouldn't work with a launchpad recipe (basically, I set up a script to automatically wget the latest successful build from the llvm jenkins, and import them into my ppa).

                  The problem is, libclc and mesa won't automatically recompile when LLVM is updated in my PPA. This is bad news, since they're both linked with the llvm runtime. Does anyone know how to set it up so that both of these will automatically recompile?


                  • verbose glxinfo

                    Originally posted by oibaf View Post
                    This is expected and it's not an error, it's just that gallium drivers don't support megadrivers.
                    Ah! Ok. Thanks.


                    • Ok, after tinkering with it a bit, I think I can finally say that it's ready for people to test:

                      BLEEDIER, EDGIER Graphics Drivers

                      The primary purpose of this PPA is to provide the most up-to-date development snapshot of OpenCL support in the Mesa drivers. Bugs are being fixed and new cards are being supported every day in the LLVM and libCLC trunks, so this will give you a good idea of the state of open source OpenCL.

                      This requires you also have the oibaf PPA added to your sources as well, to install dependencies.

                      As always, the disclaimer is: this is an unstable development snapshot, so don't be surprised when things break.