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Moonlight Gets Generic GPU Video Acceleration

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  • Moonlight Gets Generic GPU Video Acceleration

    Phoronix: Moonlight Gets Generic GPU Video Acceleration

    Miguel de Icaza, David Reveman, and their Novell team working on Mono/Moonlight began working on GPU acceleration support. This initial GPU acceleration support was largely focused on accelerating 3D transforms of objects -- just not videos, but all of the Silverlight content -- and other surfaces. They also landed a new rendering pipeline and other work. Pushed into Moonlight's Git repository today is more GPU acceleration work, but this time focusing upon optimizing Moonlight's engine for video rendering operations...

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    LOL i do find it entertaining that Mono/Moonlight video is going almost unnoticed as MS get ready to move into ARM Linux land and yet the desktop Linux video playback is still stumbling over API this API that and making very little progress compared to today's Moonlight Gets Generic GPU Video Acceleration news.

    as iv said before its wise to take note of the shift to ARM cortex as Linux is a key player there now and mass uptake counts on good Linux operation for the average user , but it seems MS will be ready and take that market just like they did the desktop , and so the cycle begins again with ARM cortex, while linux sleeps.

    just to remind people, ARM cortex is getting dual core 2GHz SOC this year 10" and 14" ARM dual A9 Laptops up to 2Ghz in July , and slower quad core too freescale i.mx6 to name but one (assuming the Japanese quake didn't put that release back to far), so ARM SOC not just a mobile thing any more this year, never mind by the time MS officially release their ARM Cortex windows8


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      so they reinvented textured video?

      they are doing exactly what the Xv textured video stuff does now, or he mplayer gl plugin.


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        They are really taking good care of their white mono elephant.


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          Yeah, so now Moonlight is ready to accelerate all that non-DRMed high definition Silverlight content out there. Great. And useful.


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            And what does this looks like?
            It looks and smells like crap.


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              Aw, airlied beat me to it. I, too, wanted to congratulate Mono on successful reinvention of modern Xv implementations.

              This, of course, comes as Gallium developers are preparing to start merging XvMC code, and are hoping to sponsor GSoC work on VDPAU for Gallium. I'm so glad that the Mono guys are on the cutting edge here.


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                So many wasted hours... WHY?


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                  I thought this sounded just like Xv acceleration, but didn't want to look stupid in case i was missing anything.


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                    I wouldn't exactly call scaling and colorspace conversion "video acceleration". It has been standard for more than ten years to offload these tasks to the GPU. Video acceleration nowadays means offload of the actual video decoding.