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A Batch Of Graphics Cards On Gallium3D

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    Originally posted by whitecat View Post
    Really ? how disable S3TC on ta-spring ? On my machine with r600g the textures are corrupted !
    Spring can be run with S3TC without libtxc_dxtn:

    However this still doesn't work with gallium drivers:


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      I could not test a Sandy Bridge cpu yet for onboard vga, but for basic games Intel gfx was usually enough. It is definitely no solution for hardcore gamers as you do not even have got OpenGL 3.x functionality (the chip has dx10.1/opengl 3.x hardware features) with Linux. Current binary only drivers (ati+nv) support OpenGL 4.x - the Unigine engine can use it already for tesselation effects (but really needs a very powerful card). But for a simple game from time to time Intel gfx should be enough.

      Much more interesting would be how the integrated media ENCODER can be used, that would speed up h264 encoding very much...


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        Originally posted by Michael View Post
        Because it's not "out of the box" configuration... While I'm sure there's a fair number of active Phoronix members that may install it, as far as overall Linux usage goes, how many people do you think will actually go forward and do it or even know about it? Not many at all.
        While i understand and support this decision for most of the tests Phoronix does, I believe S3TC is different. Without it, apps simply will not work. Once that happens, users will ask around on forums and figure out how to get it working - or else they won't. I think it's useful to know the performance of these applications for those who do, and those who don't won't care anyway. It's not some obscure setting to speed things up, it's just whether or not you can actually get a game to run or not.

        Otherwise, you're still going to be testing the Quake 3 engine 10 years from now, and that's already basically a useless test on today's hardware. It's like glxgears, a good test to run to ensure basic functionality, but not much good for anything more than that.