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This GLX Patch Can Really Boosts The FPS (~ +60%)

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    Well it's impressive! is made with networked rendering in mind and given that the GL stuff isn't part of the base protocol it's impressive that's network model can survive past 2010.

    I don't see how GLX has anything to do with WebGL, so how is Intel injecting cloud crap into Linux?


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      Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
      Well it's impressive! is made with networked rendering in mind and given that the GL stuff isn't part of the base protocol it's impressive that's network model can survive past 2010.

      I don't see how GLX has anything to do with WebGL, so how is Intel injecting cloud crap into Linux?
      Let's take some of the things people want to do with linux.
      People want to take a box with a powerful cpu and many powerful add on pci-e cards and set up network nodes. Fully aribitrated capable of running several encapsulated X's running on the same kernel. Throw in video over ethernet and you can set up cards in the system that have say 4 gpu's each card and 4 ethernet plugin's running out of them. With full vga arbitration you could set up 16 users per box and it would make a very good very powerful system that you could cluster for small to medium sized business and further cluster for large business.

      At the same time intel and microsoft and ibm want to set up cloud computing. Where you don't render anything locally or compute much of anything locally. It's all cloud networked. Then they control all the compute resources. And hit you with EULA's and Terms of Service agreement. It makes a very valuable control device because you can control who has access to everybody and everything. It's literally running the collective conciousness. Some guy says oh wow cops just holocausted 90 mexicans in my town. Cloud says pics or it didn't happen. Some guy logs in. Account suspended.

      Look at what Intel is making behind closed doors. 40 nm 10 gb ethernet. Working furiously on 28nm 30 gb ethernet. Nobody needs this kind of crap unless you are working on cloud and full control of collective conciousness. Then it's corporate law. Corporate policy corporate terms of service and their wet dream. You pay for it, they retain full ownership of what YOU PAY FOR and control you. It's like putting all socialization and conforming forces in the hands of stupid ass world of warcraft moderators.

      You have to look at the alignment of goals. The goals are aligned and people are cooperatively working towards them. But at some point the alignment forks off and in one version of it great companies such as red hat go from growing at 20 percent per year and making business models that can be copied and duplicated all over the planet to an alternate reality of psycopathic lying manipulative companies such as intel and IBM being in charge of everything with ban hammers. It's the very political model of the United States. Where a few people bribe other people to control you with YOUR OWN money.

      The fewer pieces of the machine you put out to the public the fewer chances the public has of hacking and poking around and seeing what is really going on. People want to respect IBM and Intel for their contributions to linux and IBM does make some huge contributions and I mean HUGE contributions to linux. But ultimately what happens is the judge. Without tabulating machinery there would be no way to count money efficiently enough and set up social security. The technology was put out and now we have a social security that is completely unfunded and stolen from every year by the decendants of the people who set it up.

      I won't run fedora 15 or any version of linux that uses system MD. It's something Intel wants and their changeover from bios to graphical bios that starts all cores running from the moment you power on. Why do we keep getting a new flipping version of python every freaking release when hardly jack shit get's done to xorg and gallium. I know the people working on it are good and busting their ass. But it's time people put their foot down and aligned these assholes interests to their own. Or rip their flippin wheels off one or the other.
      Pythons a fabulous tool for the OS but why is so good at parsing words and communications and why is it buried so deeply in the OS and why is constantly being improved.
      Oh and why does intel's largest distributer in the asia-pacific market which they claim to be selling 6.5 billion dollars worth of chips in and through, esys, have Indian's trying to throw it's ass in jail when nobody is saying crap about it here in the west.

      I want to see some goddamn shoe throwing at this summer of code and some goddamn project heads injecting people with sodium frikkin pentathal. Before linux turns into the biggest turd in the history of big turds. You better question motivations and get some confessions so you know who and what you are working with.


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        Hephasteus, which people?
        All the people you usually meet only want that their own box works reliable.


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          Cloud services are a privilege, not a right. Since you don't buy it; why complain about it?

          I use Google Search, Maps, Gmail, Watsapp, Latitude, YouTube and Facebook daily, but I won't die if I don't have internet on a three week vacation. I'm confident that I will not die if Google's offline.

          Yes I do have to buy my music instead of streaming YouTube and such, but in case of too much wrongdoing the Streisand effect apears, like with WikiLeaks. You only live once and I can assure you nothing too bad will happen that will have a lasting impact