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Where do I go to learn the Gallium3D API?

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  • Where do I go to learn the Gallium3D API?


    I'm interested in experimenting with gallium3D to see if I can later participate in the development of this system. I am however clueless on where to begin. I can't find any documentation regarding it's API, and currently can't even compile Mesa the way I want (with python state tracker to experiment a bit) to test things.

    I am a somewhat experienced developer with Direct3D and have bellow-intermediate experience with OpenGL (with shaders).

    Are we supposed to learn the API solely by looking at other components? What do I have to do step by step to create and be able to compile a new state tracker? How would I use it after that?

    Thanks for your time.

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    I don't think there's an empty shell to look at, though you could start by looking at the interface. The files are located at src/gallium/include/*.h. Read more about it here,


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      Hmm, I've been to that link and I don't think there's enough info to jump into programming.

      Isn't there an assume almost nothing kind of tutorial to get started? Some kind of step-by-step to build a state tracker that renders a triangle for instance?

      The python state tracker looks like it's the simplest to get info from, however a step by step guide to what's doing what would help immensely I believe.