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Direct3D 10/11 Is Now Natively Implemented On Linux!

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    Consider that, for the most part, companies that create AAA games believe that all of the money is in console gaming. The Xbox 360 uses Direct3D. Therefore, the companies use Direct3D. As such, I don't think that the popularity of Direct3D as compared to OpenGL is a valid argument as to which one is superior.


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      Originally posted by sirdilznik View Post
      *looks at calendar*

      Well it's not April 1st. What's going on here? Michael just how many beers have you had?
      I wondered why it got all cold all of a sudden in that meeting I just got out of... >:-D

      On a serious note, how is this possible? ... Physically and legally?

      Physically, it's quite possible- D3D is an API with explicit definitions, much like OpenGL has. To implement that framework in the Gallium world, you only need to implement the state tracker for it so it can translate the API's specified operations into the card's actual native ones (Which is what all the Proprietary drivers do, mind...).

      Legally, it depends on what "patent" coverage is present- I'm not sure the resident AMD people are at liberty to discuss anything of that nature with us (NDA's can suck sometimes... ) but the odds are that if there's any legal issues it'd be in the software patent space as anything implemented fully in silicon is going to have been paid out by the vendors.


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        Does anybody know why binary files too were imported into the repository? I mean, I saw a bunch of .exe files too, why?


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          Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
          Besides, (a) D3D is superior to OpenGL in every conceivable way
          Wrong. If you're implementing something other than game code, it's quite a bit more clumsy than OpenGL to do it. And that's just the start (I can point you to examples of where the D3D code to do something was actually much more involved and opaque than the OpenGL equivalents- Several I've ported or had a hand in it, in fact...) on things. It's DIFFERENT and they sometimes lead with nifty new features "first". There's NOTHING superior about it other than a lot of game studios use it because it's free and it allows you to more easily target X-Box if you've got console aspirations.

          (b) you cannot sue someone for implementing an API, much less a public one.
          Wrong again. Guess what Oracle's doing to Google- just for example. You can sue someone for damned near anything- and SCO v. IBM would be another good example of that premise. If there's any patent coverage in the state engine stuff that MS holds, you will have to face off against them in court over it (If they so chose to sue, that is...) and hope you've got the resources and backing to make a go of invalidating the things. If you can't invalidate them and they've got patents, if they act immediately, you're going to be in a world of hurt as they can ask to stop you doing it, ask for damages, etc.


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            Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
            Games should be developed on OpenGL, which was in first place made for crossplatform support.
            Games should be developed with whatever the one doing the development feels like using. And if the choice is D3D, then this tracker is useful and needed.

            Also, the fact that D3D isn't open is only important to "Freeness" lunatics. I couldn't care less.


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              Originally posted by srg_13 View Post
              The only problem is that Wine can't use it, because it isn't available on all platforms that Wine supports...
              Wrong. They could hook into it on Linux systems that support it (check for it and dlopen a different D3D interface .so when you see it present...).

              It was the same thing with that D3D9 tracker... Perhaps they can use it optionally, but they will always have to have their own implementation in Wine...
              The truth of the matter is that they're so busy fixing other things that they've not the time to implement what I've alluded to earlier in this post. It's not that they will always have something like this- it's that nobody's got the time and it's not an itch anybody submitting stuff to WINE has to scratch right at the moment.


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                Originally posted by srg_13 View Post
                This is not really true - OpenGL 4.1 has absolute feature parity with Direct3D 11, it's just that D3D's API is a little cleaner...
                Not really. Depends on which parts you're using.


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                  Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                  Games should be developed with whatever the one doing the development feels like using. And if the choice is D3D, then this tracker is useful and needed.

                  Also, the fact that D3D isn't open is only important to "Freeness" lunatics. I couldn't care less.
                  Uh, it has less to do with "Freeness" and more to do with the fact that D3D isn't available on:


                  You either have OpenGL or OpenGL ES as a target for those systems. As for Linux, this includes:

                  ARM (Heh... Let's see... WebOS, MeeGo, Angstrom (Pandora), Android,...)

                  In the end, you need to target BOTH API's because your game will sit on everything if you want it to at that point. Why limit yourself to just Microsoft based systems when you're going to leave at least 20-30% of the total market on the floor if you do?


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                    Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
                    Feature parity it may have but you cannot use those features in OpenGL because Nvidia's and Ati's drivers are too unstable. Or I should say, you can try to use those features but you'll end up hitting bugs in every step of the way.
                    That doesn't a superior API make... That's more a driver problem than the API itself.


                    • haha I thought the exact same sirdilznik.

                      Especially in legal terms.