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Accelerated OpenGL without X11 - possible?

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  • Accelerated OpenGL without X11 - possible?

    Let's assume open-source, KMS-enabled hardware, recent kernel and Mesa. Is it possible to use Mesa/EGL to create a hardware-accelerated context without running an X server? Either OpenGL ES or regular OpenGL would work.

    What I have in mind is an emulator appliance for old-school consoles. While a plain framebuffer (or KMS) surface would be enough, it would be better if I could have hardware acceleration for image-enhancing filters.

    Just wondering if anyone has some insight to offer on this.

    Note: I am not interested in DirectFBGL.
    Note 2: I am not interested in binary drivers.

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    I think the answer is "either yes or almost yes, depending on the hardware". It's definitely one of the side-goals of the move to KMS... and AFAIK it's how Wayland is designed to run. I imagine that most of the testing/tweaking has been done on the Intel drivers so far, so they should be closest to "just works". Not sure about the status on ATI/AMD hardware but the question has come up a couple of times this week so we need to find out
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      Sounds promising.