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What Will Mesa's New GLSL Compiler Provide?

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  • What Will Mesa's New GLSL Compiler Provide?

    Phoronix: What Will Mesa's New GLSL Compiler Provide?

    Yesterday we reported on Intel preparing to push its new GLSL compiler into Mesa by the end of next month so that it can be released with Mesa 7.9 by the end of this quarter. While Intel has developed this new compiler for the OpenGL Shading Language for their own needs and hardware, other Mesa drivers -- including those for Gallium3D -- will be using it once merged. After any initial bugs are addressed in the other drivers from this new GLSL compiler banging them in different ways, what good will this new shader compiler be for the end-user?..

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    Thanks for the overview, I was wondering what the new compiler was all about.

    So basically, it fixes a number of long-standing bugs and issues with the old compiler.

    I assume that it doesn't introduce new GLSL functionality?


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      There's at least partly work towards GLSL 1.30 included, and hopefully this one is a lot more future-proof and easier to extend.


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        That's good news!


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          (At least that's the impression I got from reading the changelog and TODO. I could be entirely wrong of course )