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    Slightly off topic, but I've been meaning to ask this for a while...

    bridgman, are there any plans from or AMD for a campaign to attract new blood? I'm thinking specifically of the Endless Vacation of Code which could do with a bit more publicity.

    Perhaps writing letters to the CS departments of different colleges and universities, presenting the opportunity, would reach the right people? (Especially if it had an AMD letterhead )

    (Getting Phoronix to mention EVoC a couple of times couldn't hurt either of course!)


    • #62 should create a learning program (irq channel?), were you could go and ask questions and directions were to start if you want to be a Xorg dev.


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        Xorg could use some PR really, even (IIRC) daniels' email mention that there are jobs hacking X is against the public perception currently.


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          Fedora have something slightly similar, the Summer Coding program, maybe some ideas can be borrowed:

          I guess that a good first step would be to create a nice web site to present the program, explaining the How-Why-What combined with a few testimonials. Then send out some sort of a press release to all the Linux news sites.

          I guess this is the sort of thing we, in this community could help to do, but I don't really have the talent to create a blingy site or write it up...