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Mesa Code Activity Really Exploded In 2009

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  • Mesa Code Activity Really Exploded In 2009

    Phoronix: Mesa Code Activity Really Exploded In 2009

    Back in mid-2008 we published two articles that looked at the contributors to the X Server and contributors to Mesa, which provided statistics as to the companies and developers contributing to these two important free software projects over the years. Since the start of the new year though I've been meaning to provide some other statistics about how the projects themselves have evolved over the year, but this morning I am finally pushing out these new numbers for the X.Org Server and Mesa. I was curious how the number of code commits each year had changed to the X Server and Mesa projects, but going back years in the X Server multiple bug-fixes and other work would often be batched together in a single commit, which would under represent the work done that year...

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    No it didn't. Many of those LOC from G3D you see in 2009 were actually written in 2007 or 2008. Attributing all of them to "work done in 2009" just because they were merged then is wrong.

    If you generate your data on a daily scale, you might wonder about a sudden increase in activity in feb 2009 (g3d merge), then wonder why it dropped off the next day...

    To get want meaningful data, remove the initial g3d merge and generate separate data for tungsten/vmware employees and others. Then we'll know what really happened.


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      I suggest to extend phoronixtestingsuite to show how much a given source code (got via git or something) changed every year and put the result into a graph.


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        git diff [sha1] --numstat anyone?
        You could send that all into a file "> blub.csv" and open it with Calc to get the sum if you do not want to parse that yourself in the terminal.