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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    ...I still don't see where that suggestion was hiding in my post
    Well, the part:
    "proven history of it actually working"
    was something that gave me the impression. It sounds as if developers would think it's OK, but distro-makers don't believe so. :P

    Thanks for the clarification, now I think I have a better understanding of the current state. Please keep us posted!

    In the meantime I can't wait the power-management to arrive into the next kernel!


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      I think the main use of the softpipe driver is as a "reference" platform so that (a) upper level functionality can be built and tested without having to wait for hardware drivers, and (b) if there is a question about the behaviour of a specific hw driver it can be compared to the softpipe reference rather than having to find different hardware for A/B testing.

      From a user point of view, however, unless there is a good hw driver for your card then you shouldn't be planning to use Gallium3D, although the llvmpipe driver might be turn out to be interesting if you have a big honkin' CPU and weak graphics.
      Softpipe is the safety net. Not every GPU is going to come in at once. As long as theres a soft pipe they can finish without waiting for a billion ducks to get in a row. Some of those cards are probably being 4 and 5 times more work than the "average" gpu.