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Gallium3D Workshop Videos, Slides Posted

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  • Gallium3D Workshop Videos, Slides Posted

    Phoronix: Gallium3D Workshop Videos, Slides Posted

    Nearly a month ago VMware had hosted the first-ever Gallium3D Workshop at its headquarters in California for developers and users interested in this graphics driver architecture that will be predominately used on Linux. We had monitored this workshop and provided live coverage -- A Virtual Gallium3D Driver Coming For VMware and The State Of Gallium3D, Its Future, Etc -- but beyond that not much information was released about the conference...

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    The vids are highly interesting and give a really great insight how gallium works, which components are currently worked on and what we can expect of gallium. If you have the mesa source on your disk, you can actually see in the real world what they are talking about. Pieces of code on slides are nice but there's nothing like the real stuff :-) I hope to see the remaining vids soon!